The Single Best Opt-in/List Building Tool You Can Get…

If you need to do any form of marketing online then you will always hear the saying ‘the money is in the list’.

You must be building a list regardless of your business to get a list of prospects that, even if they do not buy from you today. The two biggest mistakes I see business owners make are:

1. Driving visitors to their home page instead of a specific offer or landing page (especially if they have spend money on ads)

2. No call to action! Or at least no lead capture mechanism.

Now I’m not just talking about annoying pop-ups that appear everywhere and annoy us all. I’m talking about sign-ups that can appear unobtrusively at the top or bottom of a page or even appear at the side.

Now I have bought several landing page/opt-in builders in the last year and I have just purchase ‘thrive’ which is by far the best one I have used by some degree. It integrates with wordpress and allows you to create all manner of opt-ins but also allows you to create really impressive looking custom pages without being a designer!

You can see an example of the sort of content here

And you can get a copy here, I urge you to start implementing some form of lead capture on your website and there is no better tool to do it than this one.

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