What do 98% of visitors to your site do?

They leave!

That’s right a mere 2% will actually stay and read your content. And if you are still here reading this here is what you can do…

So you know now that 98% of visitors leave after visiting your website. The key to capturing every visitor to your site is something called pixel tracking.

Both facebook and Google offer this service for free and it is basically a small snippet of code that you put on your website. We will look at Google later but for now lets look at facebook.

Using these pixel trackers every single visitor (that has a facebook account) is tracked. Now whilst you don’t have access to that users details you can build an ad campaign around those people that visited your site.

It gets even better though because the facebook pixel can be used to track the actual pages on your site that a visitor looked at. Let’s say you run an e-commerce store and have a product page and a checkout page. You could specifically target people who added items to their shopping cart but never actually checked out!

You may have heard the term ‘re-targeting’ and thats exactly what these pixels are designed to do. Have you ever looked at something on Amazon and then when you go on other sites you see the exact product you were looking at being shown in a banner ad? Well that is re-targeting at work.

The basic premise being that if you see something once you might not take action. However with a few gentle reminders then you might!

Remember you can set this up for free and start using it today. For facebook you start to build an ‘audience’ of visitors to your site that you can target directly with facebook ads. Even better is that facebook allows you to create lookalike audiences based on those visitors to your site who have similar demographics and interests.

This page explains more about the setup and has a video showing you what to do http://marketbynumbers.co.uk/re-targeting/

8 Times Increase in Response???

One of my mantra’s is ‘increase number of leads without increasing the cost’. Sometimes this requires split-testing, other times it just needs a simple tweak to some existing copy.

A friend of mine runs a business called Restaurant Live; http://www.restaurant-live.co.uk/

Now they were sending out a mailshot and including a case study where an existing customer was saying how much business had improved.

The problem? It did not mention specifics.

Here is a snippet…

We switched from an old fashioned paper based reservation diary after a year of starting up our own restaurant and moved to Restaurant-Live.

It has dramatically increased bookings that we may not have got previously due to the ease of being able to book online. It has also given me back a lot of my time as the manager and face of the business, not having to respond personally to every query or request, as Restaurant-Live allows customers to add requests themselves.

My suggestion? Put what the actual percentage increase in bookings was. Doing this makes it more believable. The net result?

A response rate from less than 1% to 8.24%!!!!

Always use specifics, it adds credibility to what it is you are offering!


The Single Best Opt-in/List Building Tool You Can Get…

If you need to do any form of marketing online then you will always hear the saying ‘the money is in the list’.

You must be building a list regardless of your business to get a list of prospects that, even if they do not buy from you today. The two biggest mistakes I see business owners make are:

1. Driving visitors to their home page instead of a specific offer or landing page (especially if they have spend money on ads)

2. No call to action! Or at least no lead capture mechanism.

Now I’m not just talking about annoying pop-ups that appear everywhere and annoy us all. I’m talking about sign-ups that can appear unobtrusively at the top or bottom of a page or even appear at the side.

Now I have bought several landing page/opt-in builders in the last year and I have just purchase ‘thrive’ which is by far the best one I have used by some degree. It integrates with wordpress and allows you to create all manner of opt-ins but also allows you to create really impressive looking custom pages without being a designer!

You can see an example of the sort of content here

And you can get a copy here, I urge you to start implementing some form of lead capture on your website and there is no better tool to do it than this one.

Seeing the real wolf of wall street

If you haven’t seen the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ then you really should. Not only is it highly entertaining but it’s based on a true story, which, when you watch will make you go ‘Did that really happen?’ Well last night, 28th May, I got the chance to go and see the man himself at London Excel. Yes, Mr Jordan Belfort the *real* wolf of wall street was giving a 3 hour seminar covering bits of his story and his sales system ‘Straight Line Persuasion’.

What he has done is distill his experience and success into a ‘system’ that can be followed. Now, I’m not about to give you some long pitch about his product (which I think is $1997) but it struck me that many businesses don’t have systems in place. This doesn’t just apply to marketing but to any facet of your business so that someone could take that system and apply it.

You must systemise your marketing efforts. You must be continually tracking and testing your marketing efforts and adjusting accordingly. I bang on about this because so few businesses do it! Are you doing it in your business?