When Image is Everything

Normally with copywriting it is all about the headline and then the copy. However if you are considering facebook advertising it is all about the image.

However when you think about it there is a fundamental difference from a Facebook user to a google searcher. One is (or you can determine) actively looking for information or to buy a product or solve a problem and the other is simply looking to hook up with friends and share their feelings/thoughts etc. The bottom line is this, you have no idea if they are looking to buy your product or service.

So you need to re-think your ads, you might not be able to sell them on your product or service but you might be able to get them to ‘Like’ your page which is setup specifically to promote your product or service. Once they are a fan you can then build that relationship and monetise later. The key here is, and my initial testing has found that you can significantly boost your click through rates, create a fan base and drive down your cost per clicks.

Negative Keyword Matching

The point of this blog is to share my marketing wisdom as I leave behind my work as a developer. I have a free course on udemy which covers essential tips which I have learned from running adwords campaigns since 2006. The course is free and is available <a title=”Google Adwords Essential Tips” href=”https://www.udemy.com/google-adwords-essential-tips-for-profitable-campaigns/” target=”_blank”>here</a>.

I stumbled across an old customer last week who is paying for google adwords. Now the key thing is they are paying for their ads to be displayed for something <em>completely unrelated to their business</em>.

I was searching for a term related to something to do with software development. This particular tool has a name which also happens to be one of their product names too. So anyone looking for this keyword in the context of software development has no interest whatsoever in what he is selling (actually a small percentage might). But the point is this; the effectiveness of your ads is measured by the click through rate (CTR). So if your ads are showing for searches completely unrelated to your niche then your CTR is going to come down, and, even worse, your cost per click is going to go UP!

So how do you determine what negative keywords to include in your campaign?

Simple, use the google keyword planner and take some of the sites that are showing in the organic listings and run them through the keyword tool. This will give you a list of keywords you need to include in your negative keyword matches. So in our example this would be






If you aren’t including negative keyword matches in your campaigns then you really should investigate that the keywords you are bidding on are not triggered by some unrelated searches.