8 Times Increase in Response???

One of my mantra’s is ‘increase number of leads without increasing the cost’. Sometimes this requires split-testing, other times it just needs a simple tweak to some existing copy.

A friend of mine runs a business called Restaurant Live; http://www.restaurant-live.co.uk/

Now they were sending out a mailshot and including a case study where an existing customer was saying how much business had improved.

The problem? It did not mention specifics.

Here is a snippet…

We switched from an old fashioned paper based reservation diary after a year of starting up our own restaurant and moved to Restaurant-Live.

It has dramatically increased bookings that we may not have got previously due to the ease of being able to book online. It has also given me back a lot of my time as the manager and face of the business, not having to respond personally to every query or request, as Restaurant-Live allows customers to add requests themselves.

My suggestion? Put what the actual percentage increase in bookings was. Doing this makes it more believable. The net result?

A response rate from less than 1% to 8.24%!!!!

Always use specifics, it adds credibility to what it is you are offering!


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